Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Stages of Love: Attraction

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ebook erotica review Billionaire

Evangeline Chase is in the darkest corner of life and struggling to find any light at all. A business woman, a daughter, and a friend, Eva is also a control freak who can’t be sexually satisfied and wants nothing to do with love…or used to

That was before she was swept away in lust and love’s embrace while experiencing a total loss of control.

Alexander Mason is the knight Eva’s always wanted, yet the man she sacrificed because she couldn’t handle losing control over the chaos of emotions he caused in her.

Eva fears living a life scorned by her self-instigated loss. Left with a cavernous void that can only be fulfilled by the man who gave her the most erotic moments, euphoric orgasms, and touching love she has ever known, Eva is willing to do anything to give Alexander control of her, her love, and definitely her body. 

But if Alexander returns hurt and shunned by Eva, will she willingly accept all of his conditions and rules, or will they battle in and out of the bedroom for control and ultimate fulfillment?

Three Stages of Love: Attraction is the exciting next entry into the erotic romance series; featuring a strong heroine, Three Stages of Love: Attraction explores the hesitation felt with losing control and the wonderful reward obtained by embracing the uncontrollable.

Bringing back the same palpitation-inducing romance that made Three Stages of Love: Lust an instant classic, this remarkable follow up novel uses its desires, insecurities, and explosively sexy scenes to draw readers into its erotic love story.


The beginning of this book is heart wrenching and infuriating! Eva just won't give in to her heart. She did for a moment at the end of the first book but now she just won't budge and she is so miserable and out of sorts-Infurating I tell you! When it all finally comes to a head and you think it just might work out for these too there is an underlining darkness that you know Eva could not be happy in the life that is set before her. As infuriating as it is that Eva can't give into love very easily I could most certainly see her fear in losing herself in Alexander and giving up all she has worked so hard for. All I kept thinking is there has to be a comprise coming soon. Well Alexander did some things that frankly were uncalled for and were surely going to send Eva running. After a week apart they are due to see each other and it was quite a reunion. Lots of hot juicy steamy sex thoughout the book. Lots of drama. The end is one that will leaving you wanting more & is a jaw dropper! "Three Stages of Love: Attachment" is coming summer 2013.


"You are the tastiest of creatures, Alexander, and the sexiest of them too"

"I'm starting to think that Disney modeled Prince Charming after Alexander."

"I want to take you. I want to fill you. I want to live eternally within your soul."

"You are my existence. You are my summer breeze and winter frost."

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