Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Princess of Asteria

ebook romance review BDSM

Lucy has her prince...but her problems are just beginning!

Jagor has proposed: at last, their relationship is out in the open! But Lucy finds that living in the media spotlight is even harder than sneaking around as a secret lover. Becoming a princess might not be the fairy tale she thought: there's Calara - Jagor's ex - to contend with, not to mention the ultimate mother-in-law from hell: the Queen.

Life in Asteria holds its own challenges. Marrying Jagor will mean accepting his collar and Lucy must decide whether life as a submissive Asterian woman is really what she wants. Meanwhile, the same dark forces that tried to assassinate the King have returned...and this time they have Jagor and Lucy in their sights.


I love this series! You can get it as a whole novel but I started reading it in installments.
Lucy has to explain the Asteria ways to her friends which at first is always taken as a shock but then it settles and she is envied by them. Now Lucy has to return to Asteria and face the music she is scared about how they will be towards her but she's determined to win them over. It's rocky at first but things seem to fall into place. Lot's of hot juicy sex in the mean time. There is a treat against the royal family and just when they are going to find out answers things blow up. Now Lucy is on her own in Asteria. 


"Sweet Jiminy Cricket. You're living the dream"

"seeing an uncollared women over twenty-one is like seeing a unicorn."

ebook Romance review BDSMebook Romance review BDSMebook romance review BDSMebook Romance review BDSM

ebook Romance review BDSM

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