Friday, March 15, 2013

Price Drop "Asteria in Love with the Prince"

"Asteria in love with the Prince" is the whole series in one.
Normally $5.99 now only .99!
Now sure how long it will be on sale so grab it while it's HOT!!
A 4 Lady Porn book all the way!!

ebook erotica price drop

Lover. Slave. Princess.

UN translator Lucy Snow sneaks into an embassy party...and meets Prince Jagor, heir to the throne of Asteria. He's mysterious, charming and supremely powerful, and the chance encounter turns into a steamy kiss in one of the embassy bedrooms.

Their initial tryst isn't enough for the Prince: he offers her a job as his personal aide. Not only is she now conducting a secret romance under the watchful eyes of his retinue: Lucy is only too aware that in the wealthy European kingdom of Asteria, women are ‘owned’ by their lovers. 

As the couple battle to keep their love a secret, Jagor shows Lucy a submissive side to herself that leaves her breathless: but is she ready to accept the Prince’s collar and the life in Asteria that comes with it? When their relationship becomes public, can she survive the glare of the spotlight? And, as political unrest in Asteria threatens the entire royal family, exactly how far will she go for love?

This erotic romance includes explicit scenes.

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