Sunday, March 10, 2013

Avoiding Intimacy

ebook erotica seriesebook erotica seriesebook erotica series


ebook erotica series

Growing up, Chyna was handed everything on a silver platter. She never wanted for anything, except love—unconditional love from her parents. Love was a foreign emotion, and watching her parents love/hate relationship was never easy.

So when it came to her personal life, she made sure she never had to relive that. With looks that could kill, it was simple for Chyna to be the love 'em and leave 'em kind of girl. And she had always been okay with it. She would rather be single the rest of her life then end up as miserable as her parents. So when a man rescued her after she was drugged in a night club, she never expected to start a relationship with him.

But one chance meeting changes it all. Chyna is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity that could sky rocket her career, and she is forced to make a decision that could ruin everything.


Chyna is one Beautiful messed up girl. I knew she had issues already but reading her story really brings it all together. I think Adam is a jerk on some occasions but in the same token it helps wake up Chyna's feelings for him. She is offered a wonderful opportunity to model and since she has no direction in her life she feels she needs to explore this opportunity to see where it will lead. Chyna bails Milan before she was suppose to and this has repercussions that she didn't see coming. I think there's hope for Chyna and her intimacy issues but who will be the one she falls for? Hot Steamy Raunchy Sex scenes.
Great ending. I was thinking we would get glimpses of Alexa, Jack & Ramsey but this book is set in the time frame of Avoiding Responsibility. 


"She could eye-fuck John and his goddamn tattoos but nothing else."

"You have only a few years in which to live really, perfectly, and fully.....time is jealous of you."

" 'Don't try to sweet talk me,' she said, brushing back against his nose. 'I'm too susceptible.' "

"Okay, my little twatwaffle."

"Stupid, fucking hot, tattooed man!"


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