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Lana can’t remember a time when she wasn’t hopelessly in love with Akira. Even knowing that he viewed her as a kid sister had never helped to dampen her feelings. One night together only made it worse. After seducing Akira, it became apparent that their love affair was hopelessly one-sided, and heartbroken, Lana fled her beloved island paradise.
Eight years later, Lana finally returns home, planning to stay briefly, and only for business, but her plans go quickly awry when she runs into the man she could never get over. 


Wow Author R.K. Lilley hit it out of the park with this book! 
My stomach was in knots when Lana Akira see each other after not seeing one another or even speaking to each other for 8 long years! Lana was still in love with Akira- he was her one and only. Akira seemed to be holding back but then everyone (his sister and mother) seemed to know something Lana didn't. I just was hoping that Akira had the balls to tell Lana how he felt because even know he was showing her he needed to say it for her to believe it. They were having a lot of hot steamy juicy sex. It's a pretty quick read at approx. 100 pages but trust me you won't be able to put it down. 
Fabulous ending.


"How many times and how many ways , could my heart be broken by that man?"

"Most beautiful view I've ever had in my life."

"Cradled in Akira's arms, I knew that this was the closest to paradise I'd ever been."

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