Rating System

I just want to explain a bit about my reviews. 
I review books based on what I am looking for before I read a book. Any good character points, how much sex & how was the ending. I try to keep things short with NO spoilers I want you to form your own opinion but hope that I give you enough info to help you decide if you want to read a book or not. 
I personally do not like reading reviews that are sure long because that's just too much info. 
Short & Sweet is my style.

My rating system. 

5 Smooches
Loved Loved Loved the book you MUST read it.

4 Smooches
Great book Loved it you Really should read it.

3 Smooches
Good book put it on my "Wish List" read it when you get a chance.

2 Smooches
Ok book don't run out and buy it read it someday.

1 Smooch
Oh I did not care for this book read it if it's Free.

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