Monday, March 18, 2013

e-Reader vs. Paperwork

I decided to read a paperback book for the first time in about 6 months.
Now I hear a lot of debate over paperback verse e-readers.
I have grown accustom to reading books on my iPad & iPhone. 
Picking up a paperback after all this time I find it hard. See I can't read in bed after hubby goes to sleep because I have to have the light on and hubby gets mad. Then I usually read on my phone while I am waiting for the bus to pick up my daughter in the morning but with a paperback I have to have the interior light on (it's still dark out when I take her to the bus stop). My paperback doesn't fit in my pocket when I go the grocery store so I can read my book while I wait in line.
Sad as it is I don't think I will be buying anymore paperback books in the near future.

You can get the kindle app on your phone and it will pick up where you left off on your kindle or ipad (using the kindle app). 
Kindle Fire price has been reduced a bit if your in the market for one!

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