Friday, April 26, 2013


ebook erotica review rock star

Chloe and Drake have found their happily ever after... Almost.

When Chloe's mother comes back into her life with a bang, it sets off a chain of events no one could have ever expected. 
Everyone has their demons, and Chloe and Drake's hit them with a vengence. 

Sex, drugs, money, a crazy ex, and Rock n Roll.... Can they survive it all?

Things are beginning to feel a bit... Twisted.


This book was like a Train Wreck I couldn't look away from. Chloe's mom is unbelievably cruel it was heart wrenching but Chloe is a tough cookie thankfully. Just so many hurdle these two have to handle then the big one. Wow I was so disappointed in Drake I wanted to kick him in the balls then jump his bones (he's still hot can't help myself l0l). Fabulous ending and an Epilogue that Rocks!!


"Please, for the love of all things holy, put a bra on woman."

"Do you know how corny we sound? I think I just threw up a little."

ebook erotica review Rock star

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