Thursday, April 25, 2013

"This Beautiful Thing" only .99!

I love this book!
And it's only .99!
So if you haven't read it I suggest you get on it :)
Book 2 "Wrong Kind of Love" is coming out June 27th.
Book 2 is not the continuing story of Teagan & Declan but a story about 2 of the characters in this book.

ebook erotica review college students

Teagan Harper doesn’t have much experience with guys. Her twin brothers have made sure of that. Until one night at a college party she gives them the slip, finding herself in the arms of the most amazing guy she has ever met. Now she's on a mission to find him since she ran from his bed. And forgot to ask his name...

Declan Sage has had control over his entire life. But that is all about to change when the girl who ran out of his bed turns his life upside down. She is about to throw that control out the window. But he’s pretty sure that’s a good thing seeing as she stole his heart...

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