Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rules of Entanglement

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Seven days. And seven rules to break...

District Attorney Vanessa McGregor firmly believes that structure and order are the stuff that dreams are made of. Happiness can be planned - and it starts with seven rules she's laid out for her future. But as she's organizing her best friend's wedding in Hawaii, all of Vanessa's best-laid plans are about to meet their match in a wickedly hot MMA fighter...

Jackson "Jax" Maris is focused on surfing, training and fighting. That is, until he opens up his big mouth, and finds himself having to pretend he's engaged to his little sister's best friend, Vanessa. When they're force to share a romantic bungalow, however, their little charade suddenly takes a turn for the seriously sexy. And while Jax is definitely not part of Vanessa's long-term plan, he has seven days - and seven naughty nights - to turn her seven-rule plan upside down.


I loved "Seducing Cinderella" and "Rules of Entanglement" was just as hot!
You don't have to read "Seducing Cinderella" first if you don't want to.
When Jacks and Vanessa first meet I was digging what a Bad Ass Vanessa was - knowing how Hot Jacks was she was not giving into his charm. Then after awhile I was getting annoyed a bit with Vanessa because she was fighting falling for Jacks so badly it is was ridiculous. Even know they seemed to be on track the way Jacks got her to spend time with him was breaking one of Vanessa rules. He has to make her see that her rules are meant to be broken for Love. Hot Hot Juicy Sex. Fabulous ending. 


"Shit, she needed to get something to eat before she tried to licking his eyeballs."

'Did Hawaiians have the saying "Save a surfboard, ride a surfer"? If not, she was totally starting it."

"Okay, so what's the problem? He not giving you the cunny quakes?"

" "Only yours." Two words. Three syllables. Nine Letters."


Romance: 4 out of 5
Kink: 3 out of 5 
Raunch: 4 out of 5
Overall Hotness:  4 out of 5

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