Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Release & Price Drop "Ruining Angel"

Hot New Release!
Price Drop was $1.99 now only .99!

ebook erotica price drop

Ruining Angel brings you Angel's POV from the very beginning.

Getting in Angel's head isn't easy. He's got these dark broody eyes that beg you to get on your knees and say please when you want a question answering. You want to know what he was thinking the first time he made Bailey his? Well first you'll need to visit his childhood. Bringing you never before scenes from a young Angel's perspective, you'll be blown away by the gorgeous way he works his way into your heart forever. In Ruining Angel, all the important moments of his life are encapsulated in this novella.

But what about the aftermath of RUINED? It's here, waiting for you to find out what happens once his and Bailey's secret is out.

If ever there was a tale of forbidden love that made you want the characters to get their happily ever after, Ruining Angel is it. 

(This novella can be read without reading Ruined first)

ebook erotica price drop

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