Saturday, December 7, 2013

"The Devil's Salvation"

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It's been a year since Kayla Sutton walked away from Gage Channing, the man who blackmailed her into sexual slavery. Now he's back, and so is Ian Kaplan, Kayla's one-time lover from her college days. Both men want her, but only one holds the power to make her submit—to her own dark desires and to the truth she still denies, even to herself.

But Gage's jealousy is his worst enemy, and when he thinks Kayla has chosen Ian, he sets in motion a drastic plan to claim what's his. Only Kayla never expects him to infiltrate her heart so effortlessly; and she never dreamed there would come a day when he wouldn't want her—when the mere sight of her turns him away in disgust.

He believes she’s committed the ultimate sin, but will she use his mistake to finally escape the cage of his obsession? Or will she do whatever it takes to make him see he can entrust his heart to her . . . just as she's already lost the core of her being to him?

NOTE TO READERS: THE DEVIL'S SALVATION: FINAL EPILOGUE is a novella/short novel with a BDSM edge and contains material that is only suitable for adult readers. Intended for those who enjoy a dark and gritty read. This is the final installment of Kayla's story. I recommend reading THE DEVIL'S KISS TRILOGY first for a better reading experience.


I loved the "Devil's Kiss Trilogy" and the way the book ended let you decided who she end up with - total mind fuck. So when I was given "The Devil's Salvation" I almost peed my pants!! OMG I loved it! I'm not sure if I personally am cut out to have a life like Kayla is setting herself up for but it seems to be what she craves. The sex is HOT, dripping HOT! Kayla struggles throughout the book with Gage's ways and things get really really ugly for a bit. The ending is fantastic.

If you haven't read "The Devil's Kiss" click the image for the link.
erotica review lady porn BDSM

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