Monday, December 9, 2013

"An Everlasting Pursuit"

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Taylor Garnett is a blissfully married woman full of fears and distrust. Although her marriage with Adam is filled with love and passion, she dreads the day he will stop seeing the perfect woman in her and hop to a new love, just as he did with his ex-girlfriend of four years.

A heartbreaking incident and a vile attack put their relationship to the test and made Taylor doubt about her ability to give Adam the happy family he wholeheartedly desires. Will their relationship survive the losses and dangers they have been exposed to and bring them the peace they both long for?


Another action packed book by Author Liv Bennett.
The hits just keep coming for Adam & Taylor. 
Will Adam ever feel like he has Taylor heart & can Taylor believe that she is enough for Adam. With the things that happen to them it would be enough to break most couples but hopefully they are stronger than most couple and can pull through. Lots of Hot, Steamy, Juicy sex. You won't be able to put this book down.
Fabulous Ending.

The first book "An Illicit Pursuit" is Free just click the picture to be taken to Amazon.
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