Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Bikers and Tinsel"

ebook erotica review biker gang

Contains Adult Content, Santa hats, sexy scenes, bikers and candy canes! 

You've followed them through thick and thin, now it's time to celebrate Christmas with the MC Sinners - Biker style. 
It doesn't come easy. Ups and downs are a part of the biker life. 
Join Muff and Janine as they celebrate their first Christmas with laughs, steamy moments and times that will test their strength. 
It's not Christmas without family - and this group is the meaning of family.


Author Bella Jewel packs a lot in 88 pages!
Not only do we get the whole love story of Muff & Janine but we get an update on everyone else.
It's Hot Hot Hot! Lots of hot juicy raunchy sex. These biker's might be bad asses but they have big hearts for their women and children. 

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