Sunday, December 8, 2013

Price Drop "Taming a Dark Heart"

Steamy Reading For A Cause, special holiday campaign! Terry will be donating 30% of the proceeds from this book to the SPCA. So you not only get a steamy romance, but you're also supporting a good cause.

Special $0.99 price for the introductory week only! (until 12/13)

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Colin Almond has a problem-or four-in the form of abandoned meowing kittens on his doorstep. When he tries to drop them off at the animal shelter he finds shelter worker, Gabriella Simons, is less than accommodating. She flat out refuses to take his annoying bundles of joy since, apparently, the shelter was full and he needs to man up and take responsibility for his kittens. (Her words, not his.) Colin isn’t used to not getting what he wants and after meeting the feisty shelter worker he decides what he wants: her. Even if it means he becomes a pet owner in the process.

When Colin asks Gabriella out she’s hesitant – he’s way too smooth, way too cocky and way too sexy for his own good. He’s exactly the kind of man she tries to avoid. But... he also has an air of danger and excitement about him that’s impossible for her to resist. However, as their relationship develops Gabriella discovers that the Colin Almond she’s falling for isn’t exactly who he says he is. He has deep, dark secrets and that darkness is threatening to destroy them both. 

Plus, there's the kittens...

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