Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Price Drop "Stricken Desire" by S.K. Logsdon

Price Drop!!!

"Stricken Desire" was $1.99 but you can grab it for .99 right now
The price drop is for a limited time so click it quick!

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Innocent, twenty-four year old Emily Bronwyn is thrown into the world of Rock N Roll. When her best friend Stacy calls upon her to help him co-manage Stricken’s, music tour. It doesn't take long for her to bump heads with the hottest rock star on the planet. Stricken’s lead singer Johnathan Striker who’s most famous for being a womanizing male whore. But what he doesn't realize is, he’s just met his match. When Emily refuses to tolerate his mouthy antics or bed him. Even though it’s hard to resist the charms of such a handsome and infuriating man. 
Returning home to Indiana during a short tour break, Emily gets shoved into a different life she never thought possible. Passion is the new driver in her life and her innocence is officially a thing of the past. What will she do now? But embrace the new cards she’s been dealt. 

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