Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LockOut Review & Giveaway!!

ebook erotica review Billionaire


This is not a standalone story. It is the sequel to Locked, which should be read first. Locked is currently available for just $0.99.
Who is Sebastian Lock?
Sophia had never felt attraction like that before. Raw. Electric. Irresistible. Swept off her feet by the dashing, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock, she was taken on a journey of self-discovery, taken to places she never dreamed she’d go.
But things are never as simple as they appear. Sophia’s trust is a fragile thing, and Sebastian seems insistent on testing it. He has his own demons to battle, and nobody has brought them to the fore like she has.
As their relationship deepens, and Sophia begins to break down his walls, all that greets her are more questions. Why is Sebastian fighting so hard to keep her at a distance? Who is the girl on the background of his phone? And why does the strange tattoo on his chest seem so familiar? 
These puzzles plague her, but as Sebastian’s mysteries begin to unravel, she must face an entirely different truth. Staying in the dark may be painful, but finding the answers could be deadly.

That Sebastian is a mystery to say the least. Their agreement was sex no strings but who can really keep their heart out of it ? Sophia certainly couldn't . This left Sebastian with a choice to dive in or walk away from Sophia . Things were finally on track to a wonderful blissful future with Sebastian when Sophia wanted answers . Things go from wonderful to unbelievably crappy in a matter of mins . 
Some hot juicy sex scenes . 
Cliff hanger ending. 
UnLocked coming in July .

ebook erotica Review Billionaire

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