Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Accidental Love" Free for a Limited time!

Free on Amazon until 5/19! 
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Megan is a hard working and dedicated young woman now living in New York City. She left her hometown in Ohio, to chase her dream of becoming a huge writer and hopefully get over her heartbreak from her ex-boyfriend Eric. Luckily for her, she soon gets the ultimate opportunity to go into danger itself, in a remote region of Colombia, to write a story on one of the largest drug growing empires in the world. Little does she know, she will get way more than she bargained for. The last thing she expects to find in Colombia is the man of her dreams.

Enrique is this mysterious, charming, and sexy variable that Megan did not expect to encounter on her journey. He has huge secrets of his own that he is unwilling to share. The moment she meets him, and he meets her, the sparks fly and nothing seems to be able to keep them apart. Are the odds against them, or do they have a chance at love? Will Megan be successful with her story, or will this trip end in disaster?

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