Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Mesmer Society part 4

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Part 4 - Things are looking up for college sophomore Elliot Reid. After a rocky initiation, she's finally getting to learn more about the lustful ways of the Mesmer Society. Guided by her mentor, Luke, she delves deeper into the BDSM lifestyle and realizes it isn't just about great sex...

But nothing can stay secret forever, and the club is soon faced with a crisis that could spell the end of Elliot's newly found happiness.

Caught in the Mesmers' web of sex, scandal and betrayal, she must find a way to clear her name and secure Luke's trust.


This last installment left some mystery around Alex and Luke still but even know I didn't get some clear answers to that my heart was more vested in Luke and Elliot. I got plenty of hot juicy sex. When Luke took Elliot on as her mentor i knew it was going to be more for Elliot and she knew she needed to keep her heart out of it.
 Fabulous ending.

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