Saturday, July 6, 2013


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The young, hot professional Motocross rider, Jesse Morrison, knows how to leave an impression. Only lately, it has mostly been bad impressions. Frustrated about unlucky turn of events, he surrounds himself with women, booze and drugs, until he, in search of a change of pace, sets out on a trip to sunny California to help his uncle Kenny, save his sports bar.

In Los Angeles, Jesse meets the one woman who can lead him back on the right path, the beautiful 22 year old, Niki Milani. Only problem is, she is not interested. Niki has her own past demons to fight. A past that left her feeling abandoned with a deep void in her soul. She does not open up her heart easily and finds it difficult to trust a man again. Especially, not a bad boy player who seems even more messed up than herself. However, Jesse never backs down from a challenge. He is determined to prove to Niki that there is more to him than what appears on the surface. Could he be the one person, who can fill her void?

The story of Jesse and Niki is a New Adult Romance, that will leave you breathless.


Jesse is one major man whore! Lots of hot raunchy sex scenes with him. Niki & Jesse don't actually meet until mid way through the book. They have an instant attraction but things get messy from the get go. Once things seem to smooth out something rears it's ugly head and blows it all apart. I personally think Niki is overreacting but she has her reasons I suppose. Things move a bit fast towards the end of the book but the attraction they have is powerful so it's all good. The ending will leave you wanting more- Kind of a bombshell ending. 


"I was just messing with him. Besides, he's my future husband. He just doesn't know it yet."

"Sorry, didn't mean to baptize you with beer."

"Hell, he nearly fucked you with his eyes just now."

"Follow your heart. The past is history and tomorrow, well tomorrow is just a mystery."

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