Monday, April 7, 2014

"Hurts So Good"

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After Mack Draycovich's parents died, he pushed away everyone, including Jane, the girl he loved. He turned to alcohol, drugs, and back alley fighting to ease the pain he felt inside. It wasn't until a retired MMA fighter took him in and helped him channel all of his aggression into something productive that things began to change. Ten years later and Mack has his life back, but he has never forgotten about Jane or what she means to him.

Jane Reynolds left the man she loved when he turned his back on her for the chemical kind of comfort. Years have passed and she is back in the town of Absinthe. But when she sees Mack fighting brutally in an abandoned warehouse and her love for him rises violently to the surface.

But Jane has someone in her life. Can Mack show her he is worthy of her love before she commits herself to another?


This is a short book at 107 pages but there's a lot packed in and nothing felt rushed- it was perfect!

Mack and Jane have the perfect high school romance with a bright future until it all comes to a halt the day Mack's parents die. Jane has finally come home after 10 years. She knows things are going to be tough when she finally see's Mack again, but she never excepted all her feels to come crashing back to the surface. Mack lives a quite life, and when he lay's eye's Jane he knows what's been missing. She is the calm to his storm. Now he is going to have to fight for her because he is not giving her up this time. Some hot, juicy sex scenes. Fabulous Ending.

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