Friday, January 3, 2014

"The Proposition 1"

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Blackmail. Sex. Ferro.

His dark hair, bright eyes, and cocky grin look just the way I remembered. The last time I saw Bryan’s Ferro’s beautiful body, he was naked and shimmering with sweat. This time he’s wearing a tux and a wicked smirk that makes my heart beat too fast. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him, the moment feels supercharged. 

But, the words that fall out of his mouth aren’t what I expect and shock me to the core. They aren’t light and pleasant, like ex-lovers who decided to part ways. His tone is clipped, and if his jaw locked any tighter, it would crack. He doesn’t care about my personal life, my recent loss, or my boyfriend. 

Bryan makes his intentions clear—if I don’t sleep with him, he’ll ruin me.


Another hot & dirty Ferro so what's not to love? Hailey's life is falling apart. We get bits of her past so even know we find out about the sexual chemistry between her and Bryan there is still so much left to be told. Hailey's current boyfriend Neil seems to be turning out to be a real douchbag but Hailey can't stand to lose one more person.  Haileys life takes a sudden upward swing when Bryan comes barreling back into her life ready to take away what little she has left. Hot steamy scene. Of course an ending leaving you craving for more- Author H.M. Ward knows how to get us addicted !!
This is a 5 part series & they will release every 3-4 weeks.

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