Monday, November 25, 2013

"A Little Christmas Romance"

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There's no such thing as second chances, and Brooke would know. This Christmas will be spent alone and celebrated, same as the last. It doesn't matter that she's a disgruntled mall elf, standing next to a chimney-scented Santa with the most annoying co-worker ever. It doesn't make Christmas more magical. It's just another day to endure, and the holiday can't pass fast enough. That is, until her old flame, Chris, spots her.

After taking a picture with Brooke in her elf costume, things take an unexpected turn. Maybe getting through the night won't be so difficult after all.


This is a Fabulous quick read.
Everything I have read by author H.M. Ward has been Fantastic & "A Little Christmas Romance" is no exception. I love Brooke's time as an Elf. I have the feeling being an Elf goes against all that she is but deep down she loves it. When her past comes crashing back into her life she soon realizes that things in the past might not have been what she thought they were. Christmas really is a magical time and for Brooke & Chris it's a new beginning. 

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