Thursday, October 24, 2013

"White Trash Beautiful"

ebook erotica review rock star

“I’m not naive. I know I don’t get the happily ever after. My knight in shining armor took the highway detour around this god forsaken shit hole. I’ve made peace with that. That doesn’t mean I’m going to lay down like a doormat and let every cocky prick in the trailer park have his way with me.”

Cass lives a depressing life in a small trailer park in Eddington, Georgia, with her mother and abusive boyfriend Jackson. She works hard to barely make ends meet. But everything changes when Tucker White, the lead singer in the band Damaged, walks into her diner. He tries to show her that there is more to life than the hand she has been dealt, but Cass soon learns that being with Tucker will come at a high price.


I read this book just over a year ago- It has since been rewritten by the author and book 2 has just released "White Trash Damaged" . I couldn't tell you what was rewritten because it was so long ago but I can tell you I stick by my first review of the book.

OMG I loved loved loved this book!!!
Now there was no hot steamy sex in it ~ yes, a little sex but not raunchy by any means.
It's about a beautiful girl with a bleak future when she meets her knight in shining armor. Of course she is reluctant to actually believe anyone would care about her since she is the one who does all the caring. 
It's sad, loving & heart breaking all wrapped up.

ebook erotica review rock star

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