Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Mesmer Society Part 3

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Part 3 - College sophomore Elliot Reid has joined the Mesmer Society, the most exclusive and mysterious club on campus, but she has yet to find a mentor to introduce her into the lustful ways of the secret society.

As she deals with the consequences of her first night as a full-fledged member, she gets closer to the mysterious Luke and is soon faced with an important decision.

Will he allow her into his world... and will she be ready for it?


Elliot had a lot if hits in the last installment so I was hoping things would smooth out for her in this one and for the most part they did. There is a lot of things that are still a mystery but things seem to be falling into place for Elliot and Luke. Elliot finally rids herself of Jason and is ready to explore her needs and what the Mesmer Society can do in that regard.  One super hot sex scene. Great ending - cant wait for the next installment due out the end if June .

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